This fun project comes from a super fun and awesome Global Service Jam in Amsterdam. In 48 hours the teams had to design a new service on the vague topic of “yes, no, yes, no, maybe”.
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The final project is REF. which supports you in shared decision making process by reframing your issues in an inspiring and fun way, to give a boost to your relationship.

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NEXT DOOrS is a project realized during the course of Exploring Interactions at TUDelft. The final product is part of a long research that involved user reaserch and prototype testing. The product wants to be a starting point to build a strong network among neighbours to prevent social isolation in elderly people.
It consists in a box containing two set of cards, a small present  such as food and a keychain.  Every element of the package shares a coordinated graphic which improves the quality of the product and  the experience. The interaction created wants to overcome the awkwardness between two strangers  who live close by and get to know each other.  The box gives the opportunity for one to go to ring the neighbour’s doorbell and get to know each other.  When the box is shared back it becomes a communication tool between the two. 

NEXT DOOrS from Martina Pozzoni on Vimeo.



Horizon is an elevator that focuses on the user’s experience, using technology to benefit him. This project was my Bachelor’s Graduation Project, born in collaboration with Maspero Elevatori.
It is based on the researches of behaviors that people have while waiting for the elevator and their experience inside the cabin during the ride. Both pre-existing conditions in the user and conditions of temporary discomfort have been considered.
To address these issues, reference has been made to studies led by different research centres, that show how exposure to natural images and sounds can lead to beneficial effects on a person, both psychologically and physically, such as slow heartbeat and positive mood effects.
Inspired by the hot air balloon, screens were placed on three of the walls to offer a window, a horizon in fact, on natural subjects like a cloudy sky.
A synchronized audio system emits natural sounds, such as wind noise, in the background.
The whole system is connected to the weight detection system that perceives the number of people inside the elevator and adjusts for greater comfort.
The design is made of high quality materials in gray and white tones to enhance the spaces and feel of modernity, creating an ethereal space with a unique experience.ascensore interno.3

moodboard materials



Interactive mask realized for a school assignment during the course of Physical Computing. The goal was to give a different function to an object found at a flee market by using Arduino and different sensors.


DIEUL, which in Senegalese means “to bring, to handle”, is a product that wants to bring closer the European culture to the Senegalese one during the act of eating. We wanted to bring the Senegalese tradition in Europe, in fact, the product unites the gesture of bringing the food to the mouth and the hygiene of cutlery.
The final product is a single component, easy to use, which is foldable, with a comfortable grip. It is easy to pack and to transport and, thanks to its shape, it is unique and elegant.
It was developed in team with Arianna Ravidà and Marta Morganti for a school assignment in collaboration with DEMCO Design.
The company wanted a product for Europeans or Senegalese, which could be developed in Senegal, and was referred to the Senegalese culture.
We worked together contributing with sketches and ideas, and my responsabilities were making the moodboard, the packaging and the presentation.

DIEUL Senegalese cutlery from Martina Pozzoni on Vimeo.